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Closed Suction Catheter

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- Rapid disconnetion of the system
- Double swivel catherter Mount
- Irrigation port with closing valve
- Calibrated catheter depth markings
- Locking mechanism on suction control valve
- Tracheostomy version available

Closed Suction Catheter

Tracheostomy tube Closed Suction Catheter Closed Suction Catheter

1. Safety

Less risk of cross-contamination
Open suction catheter may be contaminated, infected because of touching it with hands. However, Closed suction catheter is effective in decreasing respiratory tract infection and can reduce the motrality rate of the nosocomical pneumonia because suction tube is covered with Protective sleeve, made of semi-transparent Polyvinylchloride or Urethane.

Easy to supply oxygen
Closed suction catheter can safely insert Suction tube into the airway without disconnecting ventilator, so prevent arterial oxygen desaturation in patients on positive end-expiratory pressure(PEEP).
Therefore, this device is applicable to assorted intubated patients, especially those with cardiovascular disorders and pulmonary disorders.

2. Cost cutting

Because Suction tube with user's secretions can be cleansed through Irrigation port, it can be used longer than any other one(around 48 hours).

3. Easy to use

It's easy to control evacuator by using Control valve and to connect Endotracheal tube or Tracheostomy tube and breathing circuit to 360 adaptor.

Closed Suction Catheter
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